The Prosperity Ethic

webinar UCSIA Summer School
27 August 2020

The Role of War Recollection in European Integration

lecture series
21 October 2020
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New vision statement 'Religion, Culture & Society'

What does the UCSIA theme ‘Religion, Culture & Society' embrace? What topics are selected and why? What will we highlight in the coming years?
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European Values in Pandemic Times

The coronavirus pandemic has deepened the crisis of European values. The European Values lecture series, organized in collaboration with the Chair of European Values of the University of Antwerp, digs deeper into this with analyses by François Foret, Katlijn Malfliet and Peter Verovšek.
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Mining and Sustainable Development Goals

The lecture series Debating Development, organized by IOB and USOS, is part of the subprogramme Europe and Worldwide Solidarity. We revisit last year’s edition on the role of the private sector in the development of the Global South and focus on the session on mining and SDGs.
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Good read: Zero Point 1945

'Zero Point 1945. The Low Countries a Generation Later', recently published by Ons Erfdeel vzw, starts from the question whether we could consider 1945 as point zero for the world we live in today and how political constructions that emanated at the time, such as the welfare state and security cooperation, can be transformed to meet contemporary needs.
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New vision statement 'Jesuit Heritage'

What does the UCSIA theme ‘Jesuit Heritage' embrace? What topics are selected and why? What will we highlight in the coming years?
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Fifth anniversary Laudato Si

In 2015, Pope Francis made a strong call for a solidary approach of the ecological crisis with the encyclic Laudato Si’. The website Laudato Si' Week collects all the initiatives on the occasion of its fifth anniversary, from online conferences to joint moments of prayer.
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Vote for the Circular Economy Challenge

The Circular Economy Challenge of the VUB Chair of Social Entrepreneurship selected a number of wonderful projects with great potential to resolve sustainability issues of our planet. Check out the inspiring finalists and vote for your favorite until 10 May 2020!

Pope Francis urges to reflect on “life after the pandemic”

In the wake of Easter, Pope Francis wrote a letter to the popular movements and organizations that keep the society going today, in the struggle against COVID-19. In this letter, he urges us not to fall into former routines at the end of this crisis, but to ask ourselves how we can do things differently.
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